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    5 to 8 Digit Shortcodes and Longcodes SMS Gateways Serivces for your business

    We are providing Premium longcodes and shortcode service in siliguri to fulfill various purposes like sms voting/polling/contest/feedback/lead management etc, with a very easy to use and user friendly control panel. Our shortcode API connectivity is a big relief for those developers who want to connect these numbers with a third party application. It not only provides the real time reporting and editing of auto reply.

    A shortcode is a virtual number minimum length is 5 digits and maximum is 9 digits. It is a pull sms service and able to receive high traffic of incoming sms. These shortcode numbers can be used on shared and dedicated basis.

    Below longcodes & shortcodes are shared on keyword Basis. Each incoming sms at longcodes & shortcode is routed on basis of first word of sms. This word is called Keyword. Which identify that who should read this sms. Subscriber will be charged Rs. 1 to Rs 3 (as per the operator).

    How to Order Shortcode ?
    Choose your keyword and Shortcode from the list given below and mail us at info@siliguriinfotech.com, We will let know if the keyword is available or not with the particular shortcode.


    • Free Auto Reply
    • SMS Forwarding at mobile
    • Email forwarding
    • URL Configuration
    • Run at your Domain
    • Reseller Facility
    • Unlimited sub keyword
    • Web Base Control Panel
    • Real Time Reporting

    Short Codes Pricing

    Short Code Price Annually Price monthly

    Some of Our Valued Clients

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    • Ample Shopping
    • Himavat
    • ClickAdsCMA
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    • Ample Techs
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    • Yakthung Website Development
    • 3rd Eye Security Service
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    • bfm delhi some of our valued clients
    • global some of our valued clients
    • swasty - Real Estate
    • krafts deal Ecommerce website development
    • spectrum Photography School
    • hero service some of our valued clients

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