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    GPS Tracking System in Siliguri, GPS Tracking Device with GPS Software

    GPS Tracking System in Siliguri, First time in siliguri. We provide all kind of GPS Tracking Device with GPS Tracking software which can locate your car or any other mobile asset it is attached to. Security System combines the powers of satellite based GPS technology and wireless networking capabilities so you can track your mobile assets from any computer connected to the internet. You can track anything from a 3 wheeler to a school-bus with complete ease. This technology might save you a lot of money in case your vehicle is stolen. GPS Tracking Systems have saved people millions of rupees this way. If you're worried about your vehicle's safety, then it's high time you considered installing a GPS Tracking System. GPS tracking device and GPS Tracking software price given below.

    What is a GPS Tracking Device?
    A GPS Tracking Device allows the person using the device to locate a car or any other mobile asset it is attached to. It makes use of the Global Positioning System to determine the vehicle's exact location and stores it within the device. GPS can determine a vehicle or mobile asset's exact location and speed as it uses more than two dozen functional satellites!

    How It Works!
    This Security System consists of a high-end GPS receiver and a wireless modem that transmits your vehicle or your mobile asset's location to our Security Servers. After that, any authorized users can access their vehicle's data from any internet enabled PC. It is very easy to use GPS Tracking System has literally been dreams come true for many people.


    Device Price Software SIM Recharge Installation Yearly Renewal
    Rs.4000 Rs.1000 yearly Rs.1800 yearly Rs.1000 Rs.2800/- only

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